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At Doggie Wagz, we believe that every wagging tail deserves a chance at a better life. Our commitment to furry friends extends beyond stylish accessories and top-notch pet products. In our Charitable Corner, we're thrilled to introduce you to a handpicked selection of dog charities that are making a positive impact on the lives of our canine companions.

From rescue organizations to support groups, these remarkable charities are dedicated to giving dogs the love, care, and second chances they deserve. Here, you'll discover heartwarming stories, inspiring initiatives, and ways you can get involved to make a difference in the lives of dogs in need.

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Fallen Angels

Fallen Angels Pet Rescue is a registered NPO  (NPO 175-638) focusing on the rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of domestic animals.
Any animal  that is forgotten, abandoned (abused), lost, lonely, emaciated and neglected (FALLEN) is considered to be a Fallen Angel & therefore part of the focus area of this organisation.
Through animal  therapy they aim to assist in healing the broken souls of any “FALLEN Angels” they are financially able to assist.


Fallen Angels Pet Rescue was founded in February 2014 by three devoted people; already active within the animal rescue and rehabilitation circuits.

We are situated in Melkbosstrand and we work hard to make sure that all the animals in our care get the love, attention and adoration that they deserve. We have many volunteers that help, which we are all too grateful for. Our aim to make sure that the animals in our care get homes that will give them the comfort that they deserve. It's been a long and hard journey, but one that is worth it every day.


The ‘FALLEN’ in Fallen Angels Pet Rescue stands for Forgotten, Abandoned (Abused), Lost, Lonely, Emaciated and Neglected. Any animal that falls under these categories is considered a ‘Fallen Angel’ and thus falls within the area of importance for this organization.




Tear's mission is to provide a sanctuary for companion animals in need, striving to end homelessness, neglect and abuse in the communities we serve through medical assistance, humane education, rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming.

They believe they can do this by fostering a partnership approach through individual and corporate giving, and by working together with community and animal welfare groups to create a better world with compassion and understanding towards animals.

'Together we CAN make a difference.'